After snow storm, Boone elementary students study at home

Posted by MobyMax on Jan 27, 2016 3:00:00 PM

by Ryan Quinn, Education Reporter

Despite consecutive school days canceled, students at Boone County’s Sherman Elementary are continuing their studies through an online learning competition. 

Assistant Principal Jacob Messer said that, out of Sherman’s roughly 425 pupils, 49 were doing online assignments Thursday, the county’s first snow day. By Friday, he said, the number had doubled, and on Saturday and Sunday, for which he took just one count for both days, there were 116 participants. By Monday, there were 123.

“You would not expect kids to want to work on their days off,” Messer said. “We should all be proud of the total team effort we’re getting right now.” 

For the competition, the Comfort school, in northern Boone, has been asking its first- through sixth-graders to each day complete seven out of nine assignments on the online MobyMax program.

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