Bethlehem Baptist Church to offer free tutoring services

    Posted by MobyMax on August 28, 2017

    From Staff Reports | Corsicana Daily Sun

    Bethlehem Baptist Church Learning Center is offering weekday and Saturday tutoring to students in need of additional support. Subject areas include Math, Reading, Writing and Study Skills for students in grades third through eighth. The learning center includes access to Corsicana Independent School District student online programs such as Moby Max and I-Station. Tutoring will be open Monday through Thursday from 5 to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday as needed.

    “We see a need to help students, and we are committed to serving our community in this way,” Rev. Dairy Johnson said.

    Tutoring is currently provided by volunteers including: Darlene Allen, George Burrell, Carla Harris, Ellender Johnson, Sherretta Lewis, Laurena Roberts, and Rev. Dairy Johnson.

    “We know that when our community works together with our schools, students will achieve at even higher levels. CISD is very appreciative of Rev. Johnson and the volunteers at Bethlehem Baptist Church,” said Dr. Diane Frost, CISD Superintendent.

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    Learning all summer long in the Falls School District

    Posted by MobyMax on August 06, 2017

    Hundreds of Niagara Falls students are getting busy this summer — and they’re having fun while they do it.

    The 900 or so students — more than ever before — are participating in the Niagara Falls School District’s Extended Learning Programs, created in response to research showing that over summer vacation, students lose too much of what they’ve learned during the school year.

    “Ultimately, through the learning and instruction which we’re providing, we aim to avoid ‘summer slide’ or ‘brain drain’ when children do not continue to participate in activities and lessons learned throughout the school year,” said Cathy Sullivan, a coordinator of the extended learning programs.

    Sessions are taking place at several elementary schools throughout the district and there is hope that the summer learning is making a difference in kids’ educational success.

    “It’s far and away the greatest number of summer offerings ever; our best effort to increase instructional time throughout the year,” said Judie Glaser, community relations director for the district.

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    ‘Lost in the Cracks’: Alabama District Brings Personalized Learning to Incarcerated Youth

    Posted by MobyMax on July 11, 2017

    By: Jenny Abamu| EdSurge  July 11, 2017

    The American prison system has been criticized for being a place of punishment instead of rehabilitation. In states such as Alabama, where youth as young as 14 can be tried as adults, going into the system can mean a lifetime of condemnation. However, one school district hopes a personalized virtual school program will offer incarcerated learners a second chance.

    Superintendent William “Trey” Holladay is credited with being the brainchild behind the Renaissance School in Athens, Alabama. In 2015, after the state passed a law requiring each local board of education to have a virtual option for students in grades 9-12, the Athens City School District created Renaissance. The K-12 school is a part-virtual and part-blended learning space—meaning students from all over the state can attend the virtual school (which serves over 1000 students, according to the principal Nelson Brown) and students within a 70 mile radius can participate in the blended version of the school (which has approximately 300 to 400 students depending on the year).

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    MobyMax Enters the Philippines

    Posted by MobyMax on May 23, 2017

    Emergent Digital Teacher becomes the exclusive distributor of MobyMax in the Philippines

    May 23, 2017 - Emergent Digital Teacher (EDT), becomes the exclusive distributor of MobyMax in the Philippines and for all Overseas Filipino Workers with children living and studying in the Philippines.

    With a population of over 100 million the Philippines is considered the 5th largest English speaking nation after the U.S.A., India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. The Philippines is also one of the top emerging digital economies in Asia. Over 40% of the population is online making the Philippines the second highest-ranking internet using nation in Southeast Asia and the 6th ranking in all of Asia.

    We look forward to Emergent Digital Teacher introducing MobyMax to students in the Philippines. School aged children learning in English across the globe have seen significant academic improvement using MobyMax’s personalized learning curriculum.

    EDT has been working closely with schools and the local market in the Philippines for many years. With MobyMax, EDT will launch an online enrichment platform, to facilitate communication with parents and teachers and guide each child’s individual learning path. We expect EDT to see rapid adoption of MobyMax in the Philippines.

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    Computer programs help FUSD middle-schoolers catch up in math

    Posted by MobyMax on April 27, 2017

    By: SUZANNE ADAMS-OCKRASSA | Sun Staff Reporter Apr 27, 2017

    Teachers at Mount Elden and Sinagua middle schools are catching struggling students and improving their knowledge of core courses before they reach high school with an innovative computer program and a little extra help from a teacher.

    Sinagua Middle School Principal Tari Popham and Mount Elden Principal Tom Safranek said the success is due to an intensive intervention and student support program called, Response to Intervention, that both Sinagua and Mount Elden middle schools started three years ago.

    Every four and a half weeks, teachers pull the grades of all of their students and look to see which ones may be struggling with a core subject such as math, writing, reading, science or social studies. The teachers meet during an early release Wednesday to talk with each other about student grades and who may be struggling.

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    Fulton Sees Success With MobyMax Program

    Posted by MobyMax on March 01, 2017

    FULTON – Fulton City School District students have used MobyMax, an online learning tool, to make personal gains in mathematics and English language arts.

    The fun, interactive learning opportunity is offered to students throughout the district’s elementary and junior high schools to help them review skills and become more academically proficient.

    Renee Hendrickson, FCSD English language arts coach, said the K-8 program is also beneficial to some G. Ray Bodley High School classrooms because “it seems to reach the gamut” with writing, vocabulary, language, informational reading, literature and mathematical skills.

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    Early Reading System Adds Phonics Units

    Posted by MobyMax on December 06, 2016

    By Sri Ravipati | December 6, 2016 

    The first module is MobyMax’s “Alphabet,” which can quickly identify which letters students have mastered and focuses on improving weaker letters. Additionally, “Phonics Sounds” teaches letter-sound correspondences, while “Phonics Blending” introduces segmenting and blending words.

    Other new modules include:

    • “Phonics” covers Latin and Greek roots of words;
    • “Dolch Sight Words” and “Fry Sight Words” teach sight words; and
    • “Phonic Spelling” practices spelling words from a pre-set list of words or the teacher’s list.

    MobyMax utilizes personalized learning “to help students learn twice as fast,” according to the company website. Millions of students have used the system for 26 different subjects, including language arts, math, science and social studies.

    To learn more about the early reading system, visit the MobyMax site.

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    App of the Week: Adaptive, gamified lessons and assessment

    Posted by MobyMax on September 06, 2016

    By Stephen Noonoo| September 6, 2016 

    Track progress, play games with CCSS-aligned multi-subject lessons

    Ed. note: App of the Week picks are now being curated by the editors of Common Sense Education, which helps educators find the best ed-tech tools, learn best practices for teaching with tech, and equip students with the skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly. 


    What’s It Like? MobyMax is a K-8 learning platform (and Chrome app) for math, literacy, science, and social studies equipped with adaptive tests, test-prep lessons, and motivational tools such as games and badges. The app claims that all sections (from Fact Fluency to Informational Reading Skills) are explicitly aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. MobyMax also features specific state test-prep activities. Unique features include teachers’ ability to assign badges for performance, student goal-setting, student-teacher messaging, and teacher-created class contests. The site also has a Wall feature where teachers can post class messages, assignments, events, and polls.

    Price: Free/paid

    Grades: K-8

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    MobyMax Debuts Personalized Social Studies Curriculum

    Posted by MobyMax on March 23, 2016

    By Joshua Bolkan 03/23/16

    MobyMax, a provider of personalized curricula, has launched a new cognitive skills social studies curriculum for grades 1 and 2 with grades 3-8 coming by August.

    "Engaging, interactive lessons are organized into four major domains: history, geography, government and economics," according to a news release. "Each lesson uses cognitive skill manipulatives to push students to think critically about topics being covered. Additionally, lessons include quick checks for understanding to recap main ideas, periodic reviews of relevant vocabulary and short quizzes for each topic. Each lesson concludes with a comprehensive test, which provides teachers a final summative measure of mastery."

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    In one West Virginia school, contests inspire e-learning

    Posted by MobyMax on March 09, 2016

    By appealing to competitiveness, students engage in online lessons to earn points and win prizes

    By  | March 9, 2016 

    Boone County, WV isn’t exactly known for being a bastion of education technology. 

    But in the western coal-mining town of Comfort, WV, Sherman Elementary School is seeing success in motivating young learners to tackle the challenges of e-learning by offering a system of points and prizes.

    The elementary school serves under 500 students from pre-K through the sixth grade. 

    Assistant Principal Jacob Messer and his staff were brainstorming ways to use a new ed-tech product called MobyMax over the summer break when they decided to hold a contest.

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