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MobyMax Website Review

Posted by MobyMax on Apr 19, 2018 6:30:00 AM


Website Review | by ComputED Gazette

MobyMax's extensive online e-curriculum is designed to promote differentiated learning, critical thinking skills, and help students learn twice as fast. It offers stimulating, interactive lessons for K-8 students (adaptable for homeschooling ) which are aligned with the Common Core and State Standards. Students can earn badges, game time, and contest points when lessons are completed.

The program finds and fixes learning gaps using Personalized Learning in all K-8 subjects such as math, reading, language, writing, science, and social studies. Pinpoint Assessments, a recent addition,  pinpoints gaps and identifies mastery utilizing two advanced modules:  Skill Checker (easily create tests and assign lessons) and Benchmarker (accurately measure student progress and assign lessons within a grade level). Interactive Classroom engages students with Whiteboard Activities and Student Response System utilizing problems and manipulatives.

The Home page offers quick access to topics in Math, Fact Fluency, Numbers, Reading Level Assessment, Reading Stories, Reading Skills Literature/Informational, Language, Vocabulary, Spelling List, Writing Workshop/Assignments, Science, Social Studies, Test Prep, Phonics and Spelling Rules, Alphabet, Phonics Sounds-Blending-Spelling, Foundational Reading, Early Reading Trio and Sight Words - all preceded by a placement test.

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MobyMax Wins 2018 EdTech Digest Award for Best e-Learning, Blended, or Flipped Solution

Posted by MobyMax on Apr 12, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Company Also Honored as Finalist for
Best Special Needs Solution and
Best Early Learning Comprehensive Solution

April 12, 2018 - MobyMax, the most widely adopted differentiated learning solution in the United States, has been awarded the 2018 EdTech Digest Award for best e-learning, blended learning, or flipped solution.

EdTech Digest Awards are presented annually to the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology. Award finalists and winners are selected from thousands of entries made by educators who use technology to enhance, improve, and transform their everyday instruction.

“We are gratified that our focus on finding and fixing missing skills has been recognized by the thousands of teachers who use our tools,” said MobyMax co-founder Glynn Willett. “Given how time-crunched and under-resourced so many teachers are, we’re thrilled we are able to provide a suite of solutions teachers can use for every student every day.”

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Turning Special Ed on Its Head: Tech Tools Help Struggling Students Succeed

Posted by MobyMax on Apr 10, 2018 4:55:10 PM
by Caitlin Corlett,  7th Grade Special Education Teacher
Lowell School - Whitestone, NY

It takes one to know how to help one.

That is why I became a special education teacher.

Today, I teach 7th grade at The Lowell School in Queens. I know first-hand what struggling students go through, because I used to be just like them. When I was a kid, there were many times that I hated going to school because I couldn’t ‘get’ the lesson or understand what was happening in class. I was failing, but I didn’t know why.

I started my career in general ed. But I remembered teachers who made it fun for me to learn certain things that just weren’t coming easily. I wanted to do that for other students, so I switched to Special Ed.

My first year as a Special Ed teacher in 2010 was almost overwhelming. I had students on all different grade levels and with a variety of learning styles. Figuring out how to help each of them was a real challenge. Some needed to hear things read aloud; that could be a huge distraction for others. Some might be performing three grade levels above; others were several grades below. Yet they were all in the same 7th grade class!

For help, I turned to technology -- specifically, the tools from MobyMax. What a lifesaver!

Our school is a 12:1:1 classroom setting, with two teachers per class. All of our students have different learning disabilities, but MobyMax helps each one feel successful.

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MobyMax Wins 2018 “Top 10 Educational Websites for Multiple Subjects” Award From

Posted by MobyMax on Jan 1, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Award Confers Purple Stamp of Approval for “exceptional and innovative websites and apps”

(Jan 1, 2018) – MobyMax, innovator of the nationally lauded personalized and blended learning curriculum for K-8 students, has received Homeschool Base’s 2018 award for Top 10 Educational Websites in the Multiple Subjects category.

The award is conferred along with Homeschool Base’s Purple Stamp of Approval, a personal endorsement from Homeschool Base and the homeschooling community. This includes independent home educators, teachers, and parents who recommended and nominated MobyMax. Homeschool Base is the internet’s largest volunteer-driven homeschooling website.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by those who actually use MobyMax and find it to be engaging, accessible, and effective,” said company co-founder Glynn Willett. “Such positive feedback continues to motivate us to develop curriculum and strategies that help students achieve the academic growth both parents and educators want for their kids.”

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MobyMax Wins Two Coveted 2017 THE Journal Readers’ Choice Awards: Favorite Interventions & Remediation Software and Favorite Adaptive/ Personalized Learning Tool

Posted by MobyMax on Oct 30, 2017 9:30:00 AM

(Oct 30, 2017) –  MobyMax, innovator of the nationally applauded personalized and blended learning curriculum for K-8 students, has won two 2017 THE Journal Readers’ Choice Awards. Known for helping students learn twice as fast, MobyMax garnered a Silver Medal in the Favorite Interventions & Remediation Software category and a Platinum Medal in the Favorite Adaptive/ Personalized Learning Tool category. Winners of the awards, which honor outstanding contributions in education, were determined via an online poll of over 1,000 education professionals.

“We are gratified that those on the frontlines of addressing our biggest  instruction and motivation challenges have found MobyMax to be such a worthwhile partner,” said company co-founder Glynn Willett. “Thanks to their feedback and our own commitment to results-driven innovation, we’ve been able to create the most comprehensive all-in-one K-8 offering on the market. Our model enables students to consistently gain more than one full grade level after just 40 hours of work – and at a fraction of the cost of other products.

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Crane-Youngworth, Here We Come!

Posted by MobyMax on Sep 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM

By Dr. Wayne Kindle | Yankton School District

After more than two years of public meetings, committees, public input, planning, and construction, we will return home to Crane Youngworth Field!

The first home game and first game in the newly renovated facility will be on Sept. 22 for the Pioneer Days Homecoming. The Yankton Bucks will host the Huron Tigers with kickoff at 7 p.m.

The Yankton High School Marching Band and Color Guard will perform “Back From the 80’s” as part of the halftime entertainment. YHS Dance Team will also perform.

We welcome you to come out and cheer on the Bucks to victory!

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MobyMax Wins a 2018 Teachers’ Choice Award For The Classroom from Learning Magazine

Posted by MobyMax on Sep 6, 2017 2:00:00 PM

“A complete cross-curricular product that is
a must for any classroom teacher,” notes one judge.

(Sept 6, 2017) – MobyMax, innovator of the award-winning personalized and blended learning curriculum for K-8 students, has won the 2018 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom. The award, bestowed by Learning Magazine, recognizes MobyMax for its success in pioneering cutting-edge educational software, compelling digital content, powerful online learning tools, and related technologies that meet the needs of the entire PreK-8 sector.

Teachers’ Choice is the only awards program that is exclusively judged by teachers in the classroom. The teachers who judged MobyMax against other companies widely concluded that MobyMax was not only creative and effective but fun and easy to use for teachers and students alike. Its cross-curricular applications, which allow students from grades K to 8 to fill skill gaps in all subjects, were particularly applauded.

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Cracking the Code

Posted by MobyMax on Sep 5, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Motivating bored-but-gifted students using some fiery competition – and technology.

GUEST COLUMN | by Christopher Godshall 

There’s a lot of both media and academic attention paid to students with learning difficulties acting as barriers to acquiring knowledge, and rightly so. But teaching gifted and talented students poses its own set of challenges. Higher-achieving students can get bored easily or become impatient if they’re not given material that engages them academically. They can get frustrated if they find the pace in the classroom too slow. They also might yearn for a classroom that is more competitive than the one they’re in. Plus, not meeting these students’ needs for more challenging studies could squander the opportunity to push those students to new, exceptional heights.

As someone who has taught gifted and talented students for 16 years, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to meet the needs of these pupils in a way that keeps them engaged, their parents informed, and me, as their teacher, at least a few steps ahead of them!

This summer, I turned to an edtech platform for the solution. The lessons I learned from our successes seemed worth sharing as a new school year gets underway.

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Bethlehem Baptist Church to offer free tutoring services

Posted by MobyMax on Aug 28, 2017 12:10:29 PM

From Staff Reports | Corsicana Daily Sun

Bethlehem Baptist Church Learning Center is offering weekday and Saturday tutoring to students in need of additional support. Subject areas include Math, Reading, Writing and Study Skills for students in grades third through eighth. The learning center includes access to Corsicana Independent School District student online programs such as Moby Max and I-Station. Tutoring will be open Monday through Thursday from 5 to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday as needed.

“We see a need to help students, and we are committed to serving our community in this way,” Rev. Dairy Johnson said.

Tutoring is currently provided by volunteers including: Darlene Allen, George Burrell, Carla Harris, Ellender Johnson, Sherretta Lewis, Laurena Roberts, and Rev. Dairy Johnson.

“We know that when our community works together with our schools, students will achieve at even higher levels. CISD is very appreciative of Rev. Johnson and the volunteers at Bethlehem Baptist Church,” said Dr. Diane Frost, CISD Superintendent.

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Learning all summer long in the Falls School District

Posted by MobyMax on Aug 6, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Hundreds of Niagara Falls students are getting busy this summer — and they’re having fun while they do it.

The 900 or so students — more than ever before — are participating in the Niagara Falls School District’s Extended Learning Programs, created in response to research showing that over summer vacation, students lose too much of what they’ve learned during the school year.

“Ultimately, through the learning and instruction which we’re providing, we aim to avoid ‘summer slide’ or ‘brain drain’ when children do not continue to participate in activities and lessons learned throughout the school year,” said Cathy Sullivan, a coordinator of the extended learning programs.

Sessions are taking place at several elementary schools throughout the district and there is hope that the summer learning is making a difference in kids’ educational success.

“It’s far and away the greatest number of summer offerings ever; our best effort to increase instructional time throughout the year,” said Judie Glaser, community relations director for the district.

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