Posted by MobyMax on January 12, 2022

MobyMax Receives 237 Total Awards in The Past Four Years

MobyMax is the “Meryl Streepof the education technology world.

As Streep has outdistanced her fellow actors in nominations and wins for outstanding performance, so has MobyMax been overwhelmingly acknowledged for creating and delivering groundbreaking products and services that have revolutionized online learning while helping teachers and students excel in the classroom. In four years, the company has received 237 nominations and awards, including 57 in 2021 alone. If an “Oscarwere given for lifetime achievement in education technology, MobyMax would win it—even though the company’s “lifetimeis still relatively young.

“While MobyMax has reaped accolades from judges, industry peers, and tech gurus, teachers and students have always been our most important audience,said MobyMax co-founder Glynn Willett. “We keep innovating as teachers and students challenge us to do more and be better. It is a challenge we wholeheartedly embrace.

Teacher Cinda S. of Concord Academy in Boyne was speaking for herself but could have been describing how many other teachers feel about MobyMax when she said, “I have found MobyMax to be HIGHLY effective in my classroom, especially with my lower grade level students. It fills the gaps in learning that I often don’t have time to assess and plan for quickly every day.

“It is like having another teacher in the room. INVALUABLE! My students are growing even more than I had anticipated.

Moby’s awards have ranged from “Best Cross-Curricular Solutionto “Best Educational Gameto “Best Emerging Instructional Technology Solutionto “Best ofin PreK and Early Childhood Learning, English as a Second Language, STEM, Mathematics, and Language Arts. MobyMax has also been lauded for its assessment tools, the solutions it has developed for students with special needs, and its ease of use for learners and teachers alike.

MobyMax was further singled out for its “…exemplary response to a pandemic crisis situation with actionable results that literally rescued teachers in their time of need. Bravo!

“As 2022 dawns, we at MobyMax are more motivated than ever to close learning gaps for all students,said MobyMax co-founder Wade Willett. “We can’t wait to share what we’ve got on the drawing board to do that and more!

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