MobyMax Cements Status as EdTech Giant, Winning 65 Education Industry Awards and Nominations in 2020, with 180 Total Since 2018

Posted by MobyMax on December 22, 2020

Pandemic Response, New Product Roll-Outs, Unique Assessments Apps & Gaming Innovations Mark Banner Year

December 22, 2020 – MobyMax, the educational technology innovator whose software is used in K-8 schools nationwide, wrapped up 2020 by winning or being a finalist for 65 education industry awards. That brings the total number of award achievements since 2018 to 180. Company co-founder Wade Willett attributed Moby’s success to the company’s unrelenting commitment to “create, innovate, and deliver” tools that help every student learn and every teacher succeed.

"MobyMax racking up 180 awards over the last three years is a testament to the peerless products that they develop," said Matthew Lynch, editor of The Edvocate & The Tech Edvocate.

Willett said that he and the MobyMax team were particularly proud of their “all hands on deck” response to the pandemic that forced almost every school in the country to close in March. Moby was the first edtech provider to make its educational software available free to all schools closed by COVID-19. By November 2020, more than 5,500 schools had taken advantage of Moby’s free offer. Moby’s comprehensive assessment tools and engaging gamified apps helped thousands of teachers keep hundreds of thousands of students learning online despite the coronavirus restrictions, an accomplishment that was heralded throughout the edtech world.

“The best part of my job is to brag about our impressive members. As the pandemic created a demand for creative, affordable, and accessible approaches to remote learning like never before, MobyMax went above and beyond, and in turn earned … thirteen finalist and winner nods from CODIE Awards. Congratulations to MobyMax on this remarkable and well-deserved accomplishment,” said Jeff Joseph, President of SIIA.

Among the 65 total awards that Moby won or was a finalist for are the following:

26 EdTech Digest Awards

13 SIIA Codie Awards

12 Tech Edvocate Awards

7 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence

4 THE Journal New Products Awards

1 EdTech Breakthrough Award

1 EdTech Digest Award

MobyMax Awards 2020

Of equal note was the rapid classroom adoption of Moby Fluency Team Games and Moby Fluency Board games, revolutionary gamified apps that plug into students’ desire for competition.

"We've been in classrooms and witnessed first-hand the practicality and workability of MobyMax solutions. Children are the winners here, and they are all-in with their very obviously engaging curriculum solutions," said Victor Rivero, Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest and program manager of the EdTech Awards

Teachers were winners, too. Businesses aren’t often compared to the Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen, but that didn’t stop teachers from likening the company to their cultural idols.

“You are generous rockstars!!” emailed one. “Thank you so much for allowing us to have access to this great resource. I appreciate you trying to make the world a better place right now.”

And MobyMax is not stopping now that schools are back in their buildings. “There’s no such thing as “standing still” when it comes to developing educational software,” said Willett. “We’re starting 2021 the same way we started 2020 – ramping up for another banner year that is totally dedicated to helping teachers and students achieve.”

“This year, it’s the pandemic,” said Willett. “Next year, it could be a devastating hurricane, a hundred-year flood, or a raging forest fire that forces schools closed and students and teachers online.

“Whatever it is, MobyMax is ready.”

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