MobyMax in Active Use in 73% of K-8 Schools in U.S.

Posted by MobyMax on July 06, 2016

MobyMax broke two significant records in the 2015-2016 school year.

One, MobyMax was in active use in 73% of all K-8 schools in the United States.

In addition, MobyMax had 16.5 million registered students. That amounts to 41% of the 40.1 million students attending public and private grades K-8.

“While maybe not a Guinness World Record, no other edtech curriculum publisher comes close to our rapid growth,” said MobyMax co-founder Glynn Willett. “I believe our accelerated adoption is because we added a substantial number of new subjects to our already extensive curriculum with Cognitive Skills Science, Social Studies, Early Reading Trio, and Alphabet. Of course, the fact that MobyMax students learn twice as fast is another key reason why our curriculum is exploding into schools at such a phenomenal rate.”

“I fully expect our expansion to continue with our 12 new early reading modules being release at the start of the new school year and hope to double the number of Moby students this coming school year,” Willett said.

About MobyMax

MobyMax, the nation’s leader in personalized learning curriculum for grades K-8, unlocks the power of personalized and blended learning to help students learn twice as fast.

The company offers the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 26 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep.

MobyMax identifies skill gaps with find-and-fix technology that helps students increase one full grade level in just 40 hours. MobyMax’s comprehensive solution also includes diagnostic testing, assessments, progress monitoring, IEPs, student response system, whiteboard activities, and student motivation prizes, badges, and games.

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MobyMax’s vision is a new reality in which every child in every school in every country learns as fast as if they had the best teacher in the world sitting beside them.

MobyMax’s mission is to create a global, research-powered curriculum that enables every child everywhere to learn twice as fast.

About MobyMax

MobyMax helps struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and closes learning gaps for all students. 
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