MobyMax Launches Early Reading Trio Curriculum for K-8 Schools

Posted by MobyMax on October 20, 2015


Free Touch Curriculum™ Builds & Reinforces Early Reading Skills

Potomac, MD (October 20, 2015) – MobyMax, innovator of personalized and blended learning curriculum for K-8 students, is kicking off the 2015-2016 school year by releasing Early Reading Trio, a new Touch Curriculum™ subject. 

The Trio succeeds because it engages students with words in three different ways. Students start by learning sound-letter correspondences. Next, they practice interacting with familiar words in stories. Lastly, students finish the Trio by dragging and dropping words and pictures to “write” their own stories.

Early_Reading_Trio_Image“Early Reading Trio is an excellent showcase of our Touch Curriculum technology,” said Wade Willett, co-founder. “Young students see how to decode and hear how to blend phonetic sounds in our Early Words module. Our Touch Curriculum™ technology truly engages and captivates students.”

The Early Reading Trio consists of three modules that work together to reinforce early reading skills:

  • The Early Words module prompts students to practice the phonetic sounds they will encounter in Early Stories.
  • The Early Stories module consists of four one-sentence pages where students drag into the sentence the correct word they learned in Early Words.
  • In Early Writing, students create stories by dragging words and pictures.  This innovative approach lets students see, hear, and play with words, strengthening both their reading and writing skills.

In Early Words and Early Stories, students practice with words until fluent. Teachers set the fluency and practice parameters. All three modules can be done independently or linked together.

Early Reading Trio works equally well for personalized learning and for teaching lessons on a smartboard in a blended learning classroom, because it takes full advantage of the revolutionary MobyMax Touch Curriculum™ Technology.

“Touch Curriculum™ is incredibly effective for personalized learning. Touch engages a student on the many levels needed to ensure learning not only happens, but sticks,” said Glynn Willett, co-founder. “For blended learning, whether in a small group or the entire class, the Early Reading manipulatives are fun and engaging, especially when students create their own stories.”

As it does with other curricula in its system, the MobyMax all-in-one platform keeps students motivated to master Early Reading by rewarding them with awards, badges, and game time.

“MobyMax’s Early Reading Trio helps teachers build a solid reading foundation for all students,” said Bon Air Middle School educator Jody Hutcheson. “The Trio empowers students to practice with letter sounds and new words through interaction to write their own stories, as well as increasing their reading proficiency and fluency.”

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