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Posted by MobyMax on October 01, 2015


MobyMax is an impressive educational website that provides an extensive K-8 curriculum for ELA, Math, Science and Test Prep students. After an initial (interactive) placement test, the adaptive curriculum creates a unique, individualized education plan so that gifted students can progress at a faster rate, while remedial students get the extra instruction they need.           

The interface for student and teacher resembles the Windows 8 Metro - one navigates the program easily by selecting the appropriate 'tiles.' The Student Home Page provides access to Math, Fact Master, Numbers, Science, Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing Workshop, Assignments, Test Prep, Tests, and Short Answers. A separate section, called "Cool Stuff," links to creative features of the program (Vibes, Badges, Games, Contests, The Wall, and Clicker);  here, students can also check on Progress, Time, Goals and Messenger. The Teacher Home Page includes additional links to access Roster, Worksheets, and Teacher Extras 

In MobyMax, lessons and tests are enhanced with stunning photos and illustrations as well as a read-aloud function. Of note are: (1) The new K-8 Science Module, where Touch CurriculumTM uses manipulatives based on over 24 cognitive skills - students learn and master science through discovery (2) Early Reading Trio, where three powerful modules work together to reinforce early reading skills - Early Words, Early Stories (using touch manipulatives) and Early Writing (3) The Learn Cycle, which breaks math concepts into small, achievable skills and creates lesson topics that consist of a short animated Teach Me with targeted practice problems and instant feedback (4) Fact Master's adaptive instruction, which enables students to develop math fact fluency quickly (5) Writing Workshop, where exemplary models and scaffolded practice help students learn to brainstorm, draft, revise, and edit their own writing projects (6) Adaptive Test Prep - students practice all skills covered in the state test, with a diagnostic pretest followed by a targeted lesson if required. An animated Teach Me lesson is presented for the struggling student. 

Teacher tools are abundant, and include The Wall (a place to post announcements to students) and MobyMax's entire curriculum library (searchable by standard, keyword, grade, lesson). There is continuous progress monitoring, with  scope and sequence and all reporting reflecting Common Core Standards.

MobyMax is especially effective because it not only targets areas where students are struggling, but allows students to progress immediately once mastery is achieved. The program is an EDDIES winner in the category Multi-Level: Multi-Subject Website

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