MobyMax Wins Four Tech Edvocate Awards, Including Best Global EdTech Company/Best Gamification App or Tool

Posted by MobyMax on September 02, 2019

MobyMax, the most widely acclaimed differentiated learning solution in the U.S., has won four 2019 Tech Edvocate Awards:Seal-Winner-Best-EdTech-Company-1

  • Best Global EdTech Company
  • Best Assessment App or Tool
  • Best Gamification App or Tool
  • Best Global EdTech Leader

This is the second year in a row that Moby has earned Best Global EdTech Company and Best Assessment App or Tool. The Tech Edvocate Awards are presented to the year’s top edtech companies, products, and people. MobyMax was a finalist in 13 categories. MobyMax has earned more than 100 awards from the tech and education industry in the last two years.

“Though we’re thrilled to be named the Best Global EdTech Company again, it’s also wonderful to be recognized for our unique educational gaming tools,” said MobyMax co-founder Glynn Willett. “Teachers and students are clamoring for more games they can use both in and outside the classroom. Gamifying learning solutions makes it easier for teachers to teach while helping learning “stick” with students. Students love that the games are hyper-competitive and really get their adrenaline pumping,” added Willett.

MobyMax released two new gaming features earlier this year that have proven to be particularly popular. In Fluency Team Games, students practice critical math, language, and foundational reading skills by quickly answering randomized questions. Students earn points for each question they answer correctly. The faster they answer, the more points they earn for their team. In Fluency Board Games, teachers select the skills they want students to practice, and students select a board game piece with which to play. Students compete against the computer as they answer skill questions and move around the game board.

“It is fun!” said one student from McKitrick Elementary School in Florida, who likes the challenges the games pose. “It’s super competitive and fast! I like that I earn coins and compete against my friends.” Even though he’s learning school subjects, “it feels like a fun game,” he added.

MobyMax was also recognized as the Best Assessment Tool or App for the second year in a row. Moby Assessments provides a suite of summative benchmark tests, formative state standards checker tests, and adaptive diagnostic placement tests for both math and ELA. This makes pinpointing missing skills, measuring performance of all standards, and monitoring student progress simple.

Willett attributes MobyMax’s recognition as Best Global EdTech Company and Global EdTech Leader to the fact that MobyMax is the first and only unified edtech platform encompassing all curriculum subjects (the equivalent of 156 textbooks) as well as all assessment types (diagnostic, formative, benchmark/interim, and summative). MobyMax has also been lauded for its interactive classroom tools and motivation solutions.

“Innovation is at the heart of every new solution MobyMax develops,” Willett noted. “That, and our desire to help students learn twice as fast!”

Since 2016, the Tech Edvocate Awards have been presented to those in the edtech industry who “transform the way people learn and how educators teach.” Finalists and winners were selected by a panel that included edtech thought leaders, PreK-12 teachers and administrators, Pre-K-12 parents, and a college professor.

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MobyMax helps struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and closes learning gaps for all students. 
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