MobyMax Wins Eight New Product Awards From THE Journal

Posted by MobyMax on December 01, 2021

2021_THE_NewProductAward_logo_whiteMobyMax Awarded “Platinum” for Groundbreaking K-12 Adaptive/Personalized Education Technology Solution

Dec 1, 2021 - MobyMax, the most widely acclaimed differentiated learning solution in the U.S., has won eight of THE Journal's 2021 New Product Awards. The awards “honor the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered to be particularly noteworthy in the transformation of education technology.”

We’re thrilled to receive platinum awards, the highest designation possible, from THE Journal for our innovative Adaptive/Personalized Learning, Intervention & Remediation Software, and Complete Assessments solutions,” said Moby Max co-founder Wade Willett. “But to have six of our programs recognized with platinum awards and two additional with gold awards sends the message that we’ve succeeded in our goal to create the most comprehensive EdTech solution in the U.S.!

MobyMax’s innovative development platform, comprehensive learning management solutions, and complete curriculum system have propelled the company to earn more industry awards than any other EdTech provider three years in a row. Since 2018, MobyMax has won 237 awards across the education industry. 

MobyMax was recognized as a winner by THE Journal in the following categories: 

  1. Adaptive/Personalized Learning Tool (Platinum)
  2. Intervention & Remediation Software (Platinum)
  3. Classroom Management, Culture or Student Success System (Platinum)
  4. Formative Assessment (Platinum)
  5. Summative Assessment (Platinum)
  6. Reading Program (Platinum) 
  7. Math Program (Gold)
  8. Science Program (Gold)

This is the second year in a row that MobyMax has won the platinum award for its Intervention & Remediation Software. That software enables teachers to create individualized education plans (IEPs) for students at any level. It also helps teachers and students find and fix learning gaps in all K-8 subjects. “This differentiated learning/blended learning approach is the epitome of adaptive technology,” says Willett. “It’s why it’s possible for students to learn twice as fast with MobyMax.”

Moby’s proprietary assessments package enables teachers to get an instant snapshot of where students are and what help they need. It streamlines and improves day-to-day teaching by pinpointing missing skills with quick formative assessments, deep summative assessments, and diagnostic placement tests.

Schools and teachers registered with MobyMax can access any and all of these tools, which is exactly what is happening in this era of increased online learning.

“Technology has been the lifeline to education for tens of millions of students over the last couple of years. We congratulate all the winners in this year's New Product Awards and honor the technology innovators who have made formal learning possible during the ongoing crisis,” said David Nagel, editor-in-chief of THE Journal.

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THE Journal is dedicated to informing and educating K-12 senior-level district and school administrators, technologists, and tech-savvy educators within districts, schools, and classrooms to improve and advance the learning process through the use of technology. Launched in 1972, THE Journal was the first magazine to cover education technology.

THE Journal 2021 New Products Awards Winners announcement can be found here

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MobyMax helps struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and closes learning gaps for all students. 
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